We invest in your home

Maximum Diffusion

Speed ​​and maximum valuation

Comparative analysis and valuation
We carry out a detailed study, comparing the market prices of the area, characteristics and qualities of the home, to know exactly the appropriate sale price for each property. It is the first step, and the most fundamental, for the sale to be a success.
professional report
We invest in your home, making both a photographic and video report, where the most important aspects of the home are highlighted, even decorating the rooms to attract the attention of buyers. A good story helps capture the attention of buyers, and makes you stand out from the competition. In addition, we make both 2D and 3D plans, and a virtual tour, to detail your home as much as possible.
I send the information about your home to a wide list of potential interested clients, updating it at all times, and keeping them informed. In addition, we have investors actively looking for real estate.
law firm
We carry out a legal study of your property, avoiding last-minute problems or surprises at the time of signing the deed of sale at the notary's office. In addition, our team of lawyers specializing in real estate law supervise the entire process of selling your home from start to finish, so you don't have to worry about a thing.
Marketing and promotion plan
We give maximum visibility to your property. We want to attract the attention of buyers, that's why we put in place an action plan to reach the maximum possible diffusion, publishing the property in all the collaborating portals, working our social networks, publishing the property on the big screen of our office, and including the property in our monthly magazine.
exclusive marketing
We are going to sell your property, and we are going to do it at the highest price and in the shortest time, putting all our passion and professionalism. This is why we only sell properties exclusively, under the Gesrooms brand, which is an advantage for the owner. All clients have a single point of reference, Gesrooms, so we know at all times the number and number of offers received, and we assess together with the property what to do at all times.
Weekly report
We have close contact with the owners, and we regularly report the status of the property, the number of visits made, as well as calls and interest generated. Good owner-agency communication is essential for the sale to be a success.
Negotiation and closing
We have reached the final stretch of the operation. We have a firm offer, and it's time to sit down to negotiate to get the most value from your property, and that both parties are satisfied. For this we have design offices, where the parties can sit down to formalize the purchase-sale agreement.
We have the management service, where we can formalize all the documentation for you, from the liquidation of taxes or presenting the documentation in the Registry, to the change of ownership of the supplies.

GesRooms is the perfect option!

Today any owner can sell his home by his own means. It is enough to take some photographs of the property, write a description and publish it on different real estate portals, or simply place a “For sale” sign and your contact information. Soon you will notice that the calls begin to be interested in your property, now, is it a real interest, or are they real estate agents trying to capture your property?

The real estate agency market, especially franchises, is a sector where housing acquisition prevails, regardless in many cases of the method they use, or whether or not they give correct advice, anything goes.

GesRooms is different from this line of action, and we want to be your option for the added value that we offer our clients, focusing on what really matters.