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We work based on the budget and needs of each client, seeking the maximum possible profitability.


We advise you and take care of executing all phases of the project, from the search for the property and reform to its marketing and management. Learn more.

High income

We focus the properties on leases with higher returns than traditional rentals. Learn more.

student rental

The student rental market is positioned each year as one of the most attractive for those investors who seek to position themselves in the real estate. It is a complex market, where know-how plays a fundamental role in the success of this type of investment. Room rentals offer several advantages over residential.

corporate rental

Corporate accommodation is less known than student accommodation, but it is constantly growing at a European level, although it is true that in Spain there is a great lack of supply of this type of apartment. This lack of supply turns corporate rental into an opportunity to obtain high ROI.

High income

The profitability of the property increases by more than 50% compared to a traditional family rental.

Low unpaid rate

There are practically no defaults, as the student's family controls the student's finances during their stay. In corporate accommodation, it is the companies who assume the expenses.

Property control

The flexibility of rental contracts allows the owner to dispose of the home in a short period of time.

Continuous flow of tenants

Both markets have a constant flow of tenants throughout the year, which allows for full occupancy and continued return.

We advise you

At Gesrooms we are aware of the need that many investors have for advice on this type of purchase for rent to students, and that is why we offer a 360-degree service, in which we jointly design a tailored project so that the operation is a success.

steps of a project


We identify opportunities

We are specialists in detecting opportunities in the real estate market.


Value and profitability analysis

Study of opportunities in terms of profitability and occupation, identifying the appropriate activity using our know-how.


economic simulation

Evaluation of projects through economic simulations, taking into account variables such as average prices per area, occupations, optimization of spaces and reforms.


Financing search

In case of financing needs, we look for the best option from a wide range.


Execution works and reforms

We offer execution and optional management of works and reforms after a meticulous analysis to maximize income.


Marketing and management

We have agreements with the main providers of students, both universities and language schools and the like, which allows us to have a high occupancy throughout the year.


Continuous improvement

With the aim of achieving excellence, we carry out regular reviews of all our processes, procedures and projects.


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